Screen lowered from 60 to 50

We did it! Today, the Governments in England and Wales committed to lowering the screening age from 60 to 50. We couldn’t have done it without you, and nearly half a million campaigners who came together to sign a petition calling for the screening age to be lowered, in line with Scotland and the rest of the world.
Screening is the best way to diagnose bowel cancer early when it is treatable and curable. And with around 4,500 people diagnosed with the disease between 50-59 and just over 1,200 dying from the disease in this age group every year, screening from 50 will help save more lives from the second biggest cancer killer.
So what now?
Now we urgently need a clear plan from NHS England and NHS Wales setting out how they will make this a reality. Including how they will ensure there is enough staff and resource to deal with the increase in demand this will have on bowel cancer diagnostic services.
We’ll be campaigning to make this happens, so keep an eye for the next part of the campaign.