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Happy Christmas 

Trike in a bag

Stuck in Reverse Gear !

Tried of Tyres

Many obstacles to over come ..But this has to be the biggest !

A change of the route for Day 9

That sums me up in a nutshell

The Budget

Lighting pole improving visability

Pedal Power

Moving forward.... in Reverse Gear ?

Homemade bracket 

This is how it all got started


Back on the Horse

Screen lowered from 60 to 50

Human Power World Championships 2018

Meet the Public 

The Full Route

Southsea Fitness Festival

What to look out for ...


Great training IOW Randonnee

Raynaud’s Disease

ICE Trike Sprint 26 on a trip to it’s spiritual home in Falmouth

Trikes and cars

Gym work

First Draft of Routes

Nice shoes 😀


ICE Sprint 26 ride LBR 17 02 18

ICE Sprint 26 second ride

Garmin update

Setting off on today’s ride

First thoughts ICE Trike Sprint 26

ICE Trike First Ride

ICE Trike First Ride

Cycling Con-shoes-on

Bowel cancer UK's vision is that by 2050 nobody will die from bowel cancer

It’s arrived

So the story so far

Three Wheeled Fitness

Under Construction