Trike in a bag

So my little ride from St Malo 2 Nice in May will require me to get back St Malo at the end of the ride.... err I’m not riding back 😂. Looking at the options available, hire vehicle and drive, fly back , coach , bus etc I’ve settled on the train. However getting a fully blown trike on a train is a bit tricky that’s even if they let you on. So thankful I have an ICE Spirit I can fold the bike but even that is a little tricky to manoeuvre. So that got me thinking just how small can I break it down without stripping it right down. So armed with quick release fittings from ICE I decided to give it a go. RESULT. Seat off, handle bars down, Trike folded, mudguards and wheels off and boom shortened then all placed inside a material bike bag and zipped up! Job done 😁😁👍👍