It FAST approaches

So final prep getting underway. Bike will be going into BIKEFIX for a service on Monday . I will blog or vlog ( not really done much of that before so don't laugh too much ) about what I plan to take in the way of spares and clothing. As i'm solo and carrying everything with me I shall be light as possible as I am B&B'ing so no need for tents etc. I've got some energy bars which i've sent out to the half way B7B who are going to look after them so i can save a bit on weight there and also I have sent out my large material bike bag that I will pack the bike down into out to my final destination.

I think I will be needing some sunscreen and basic first aid kit as well as clothes etc but need to keep it simple. Well some thoughts for the weekend. Also need to sort out my tight calfs , I haven't even started and they are sore !!!