So the story so far

Having spent some time looking through all that is available,  well readily available in the UK at least, my options were a little restricted. I was lucky enough to have found a few very helpful forum goers who were kind enough to let me see/have a go on their trikes. I had in the back of my mind something established in the UK so ICE Trikes were high on my list. So it was great that two of the trikes I tried were from that range. The sprint seemed to fit the bill perfectly so i'm go on line and pick one up second hand, as the first thing you'll notice when looking into trikes is they are seriously expensive compared to the conventional uprights i've been used to. Well it was soon obvious that picking up a secondhand one was not going to be that easy, there just isn't that many about. A rethink was required . I started searching for UK dealers and contacting them for advice. I did't get far before I came across Laid Back Bikes in Scotland ( and no they are nothing to do with me other than the name refers to the position on the bike/trike) anyway I must say David has been EXTREMELY helpful and patient with me and agreed to sell me a demo ICE Sprint 26. As we speak it is being sorted for delivery next week :-)
I'm very excited and also know that I have a lot of hard work ahead getting fit and my legs used to doing all the work! It would be great to hear from any other 'laid back riders' in  Hampshire UK as well as form any others across the globe, tips and advice gratefully recieved
Long term , having cycled JOGLE and LEJOG ( see link to my other site)  I plan maybe to do Northern France to Southern France! Surely the weather will be better ? 

ICE Sprint 26