Rack down not up

So just 12 weeks to go I need to start looking at what I’m going to carry. First issue on the Trike is where the rack is. It’s not ideal to have your bags that high up on a conventional rack over the back wheel. Radical design make some great saddle bags which keep the bags down low and more central. The downside is they are quite expensive. 
So I decided to take a radical approach.... 

 I cut the rack in half so I ended up with two triangles. Then trimmed down all the cross parts except the cross part as shown for the mounting arms. 

Then bolted it onto two existing brazed on mounts on the side of the ice Trike. 
Then my city roller panniers can sit nice and low and just behind the seat

This needs a little bit of tinkering but has lowered the bag by at least 12 inches and also moved it a similar amount towards the middle of the Trike . Test run and more details to follow