49 days

So just 49 days!
So where am I at in comparison with my previous rides? Well to be honest I’ve got mixed feelings at the moment. First off  I still haven’t sorted out how I can get to Marseille from Nice due to the train issues and buses not taking the Trike. Then is my ongoing knee issue which is ok ish but not settling. As for mileage because of my knee I’m not at the volume I should be really only doing about 80 miles a week a 42 miler and  two spin classes. Fitness wise I’m not too bad lighter than I was for the other rides but cycling the Trike is more exhausting. Still don’t  have a cycle computer as the Hammerhead Karoo is not back from repair, this is causing concerns with the reliability of the route maps . Hope to resolve these issues soon and I’m sure my confidence will return . But for now I’ll keep chipping away .