Loosing some of my teeth !!!

So as standard the ICE Sprint 26 came with a front triple of 44/32/22 fairly standard. Now my upright compact double set mine was a 48/32, which I soon lowered to a 42. There are several reasons I found that better for me:
I was traveling with luggage and found rolling on the flats I was only able to use a few gears on the 48. This might be one of the reasons for that and is another reason for changing, I have a dodgy knee that doesn’t like being under load pushing a big gear. 

So back to the Trike. I have a shorter front cranksets also to help with the knee do a smaller range of movement ( does help ) but still found 44 only really any good for bursts downhill and maybe some gears on a long flat , with the wind behind me and no luggage !! To be honest I normally freewheeled past uprights on the downhills anyway. So I decided to loose some teeth ( you didn’t think I was talking about loosing my real teeth did you ? ) I opted for a 40 tooth front as thought 42 might not be enough and 38 might be too much .SO glad I did the range now suits me brilliantly. Only had one ride so far but it’s a great improvement over the 44 now I can comfortably roll on the flat and not feel I’m trying push a car along . 
So don’t be afraid to have a change if the conventional set up is not working for you 😁👍🇬🇧