Lighting pole improving visability

I'm really enjoying the ICE Sprint Trike the more I ride it . I have never felt more vulnerable on the bike compared to a conventional upright. However I will concede that certainly around town and in traffic/ parked cars you are less obvious to others. Now of course you can use any number of flags etc but i've always found that whatever colour clothing/flags are a 'static' colour can just be 'looked through' by a careless observer. I think flashing lights work best.

So that got me thinking. what if I could attach a lightweight removable pole to the Trike and strap on some lights. First I located a clamp the bolted on and has a 1/4 thread on it. This then enabled me to screw on a telescopic mono pod with a threaded base. I was a bit concerned that on a fast decent or bumpy road it would all collapse etc. However I've been out on two one and a half hour rides now and have had no issues. I'm looking into a fixed single pole but not having any luck at the moment but will keep you posted. You need to angle the pole slightly so you helmet doesn't bang on the pole but it works really well and worked out about the height of a parked car window so in theory it show mean the flashing lights could be seen through the window of a parked car, well that's got to be good news right? the lights i've striped on are Zecto ones but lots out there that are similar. I shall speak to ICE trikes about it and see if they think there might be some mileage in it and if they want to look at developing it as I feel it would be a great option to offer.