Pedal Power

So having spent some time with the trike there are lots of things that are different to the conventional two wheeled cycling. One of which is pedaling. To me it seems there is a lot more pressure through the foot on the trike especially up hill. Don't get me wrong I'm not a power grind cyclist. On two wheels I would always just spin uphill at a comfortable pace. However that doesn't seem as easy on the trike we where you are effectively pushing yourself uphill and therefore more pressure with no body weight or gravity to help. This has resulted in me getting a bit more foot discomfort than usual. My old pedals were shimano touring 520,s which were always pretty good but the platform never covered the full width of the shoe. So I've looked at a wider flat platform pedal to see if it helps? Well first ride out and there's quite a difference 😁 I've gone for the Nukeproof Horizon CL CrMo DH Pedals and they do seem excellent. Next it's shoes !! I have wide feet at 112mm each side so a wide fit is required . More on that another time 😀