Moving forward.... in Reverse Gear ?

I've had a great break through in the clothing department.

Having switched from riding on two wheels to riding laid down in the recumbent position has been different in many ways. For one my old cycling clothing has caused issues, the padded shorts are now more uncomfortable, with a big bulky pad now moving around when you pedal as you no longer sit on it to keep it in one place. On top of that the cycling tops have the pockets at the back which you can no longer put stuff in because you will effectively be lying on it ! All in all not ideal.

In comes the lovely people at Reverse Gear Inc . They have redesigned the cycling clothing specifically for recumbent riders and have kindly agreed to send me a couple of items for my epic ride. Once I have some items I will let you my thoughts but for now you can head over to their site via the link and check out all the great stuff they have to offer.

I can't wait ... bring on the comfort :-)