Cycling Con-shoes-on

Well ok a play on words 'cycling shoes confusion' .
I don't know about you but I really have to scratch my head sometimes with cycling shoes and their sizes. Not only does a size 9 UK shoe not always a 43EUR but there is then the width! Most of the shoes I try on seem to be made for dainty, skinny ballerina feet. It would appear there is some help at hand. I stumbled across this brilliant website Mantel. Not only does it show you haw to correctly measure your feet to get a better understanding of fit it also lists a lot of the maufactorers sizes and what they are in CM's. this helps greatly once you know the size of your foot. For example Sidi list their 43 EUR as 26.5cm foot length where as Five Ten show their 43EUR shoe as 28CM. That's quite some difference. It's no substitute for going and trying shoes on , as there are still variasions but it certainly helps, especially if you see a bargain online ;-)