It’s arrived

So it’s here πŸ˜€. Managed to put it together ok but not had chance to go for a ride. My first impressions are good, this one being an ex demo there are a few things I need to sort. The rubbers at the end of the mudguards are just about hanging on but split, that appear to be riveted in so not sure if it’s something I can by separate might be new mudguards, which seams a bit drastic. Fitting a bottle cage and riser (so it faces me). I would like to strip the chain and re oil it. I also brought some online oilers which I’d like to fit, I’ll explain about those in a later post. Finally I need to adjust the boom , just watched the ICE video on how to do that.
So excited it’s here, frustrating I couldn’t get out as need to work out how to fit my Garmin???