First thoughts ICE Trike Sprint 26

First time out on the trike, first attempt at a video of the ride ... yeah sorry about that, a bit long and dull LOL
So The lovely people at ICE were able to send some replacement rubbers for the ends of the mudguards and it was a simple job to just drill out the rivets and bolt on the new ones , so that was great. Also fitted a computer mount for the Garmin, however that's not great as its a bit low under the bottle cage and the 1/4 turn Garmin mount is a bit wider than the ICE mount... that will need some looking at, any thoughts anyone?
The ride itself was great , I felt safe, the traffic was kind to me and gave me a wide birth. The steering was a bit twitchy but I sorted that by a little tightening on the grub screw on the steering.
It was tough as it was windy and i'm a bit ( well a lot) unfit at the moment. The uphill sent muscles in my legs screaming, the downhill was fast ( sorry ran out of battery for that bit). The flats were around 20-22 KPH which is about 13-14 MPH, which at my current level of fitness I can live with.
So first impressions very good .. now the training starts!