So quick update. For those of you following my YouTube channel, I’ll try and make the videos a bit more interesting, but anyway you might have heard me mention that the Trike was skipping a few gears every now and then. Now I’ve set up many rear derailleur in the past , following the Park Tools method, however this was still skipping gears. Cables checked all seems ok chain and rear cassette also seemed ok the rear derailleur also looked square to the wheel . I really was scratching my head. So a few more adjustments and out for a quick ride. Thought I’d solved it then it skipped and chattered a bit more. It so happens I’d cycled near to the local Evans cycles in Havant. I know they don’t stock ICE but thought I’d bend their ear for advice. Well first off they were very welcoming and really keen to check the ICE Sprint 26 our seeming genuinely interested and impressed. After I explained what I’d do they had a quick check and as I said they confirmed all appeared well and they too were scratching their head. As a final thought they said let’s just quickly check the gear hanger itself. Bingo that was slightly out, this was then adjusted. Instant improvement but still a little off on the changes. Due to the time ( they were about to close), they said ride home and pop back in the morning they’ll have a quick tinkle with cable tension and recheck. They did just that the following morning, whilst I had a coffee and bacon roll across the road, rude not toπŸ˜€. Spot on when I went back can’t thank them enough and they only charged £5.00 that will guarantee them some repeat business for sure .... Great service Evans Cycles