A game of two calf’s !

So more rides longer more often was the plan for April. However a set over very tight calf’s then the last week or so a bad cold/flu ( no real flu not that man flu nonsense) has meant more rest than work .. frustrating... having only had the Trike for just over a year I’m still learning. What I have just discovered is that, for me, I need to have my cleats set back as far as they can go. This in my two short test rides has been a revelation. My calf’s now feel much less ‘loaded’ in the pedal stroke. I hadn’t notice just how loaded they had become until Justina @jp_physiofitness dug her elbows in!!!! A few treatments later ( thank you so much) and they are easing off. I hope the new cleat postponing on the Trike will keep it that way. Big fully loaded test ride round the IOW Randonnee tomorrow 👍 . In final prep for St Malo 2 Nice on the 18th of May 🇬🇧🇫🇷😁