Day 4 L’Isle-Jourdain 2 Saint-Saud-Lacoussière

There’s always at least one of those days of two halves ,on these kind of endurance trips. Today was my first. 
It started off with coaxing my legs out of bed with the promise of some deep heat, which did the trick. Another great breakfast and out the door ... oh thick fog and it might say it’s 8 degrees but felt like -8! I’ll put on another layer.

Good job I brought lights. The first hour and half could of had some great views but I could see very little. I did pass the local race circuit where around 300 Ferrari’s will be next weekend 

More quiet roads and the fog wasn’t lifting. I took a pic with my best smile 

Spirits were low, I was alone .. Little Bear a Guillemots track and a family favourite was enough to think of everyone back home and shed a tear.. now I’ll try not to dwell on this but cycling is great for me 95% of the time , my kind of therapy. However I do have a ‘black dog’ ( if you don’t know what that means click the link) so some days, when I have too much thinking time I can get a bit of low mood. Now I can recognise that and have family and good friends who can listen and support it’s ok. And blokes are generally not great at speaking out so if you’re reading this and think you also have a black dog, please find someone you can chat to 👍😁. 
Anyway let’s move on.  It was time for another PR stop ( PR explained in day 1 blog) It was dark and gloomy but lots of woodland, so easy to find a spot. I’d just started when my flashing helmet light picked up something just in front of me ... I caught my breath ...I was face to face with a deer about 20 feet away. It soon bolted, terrified at the sight of me I expected. 

I’m sure Castle of Saint-Germain is impressive but today is was just a hint of what it could be. I’d turned off  ‘madam’ SatNav today for a bit of a break from her chatting directions in my ear. 
I was now at Confolens , very pretty on the river

I soon started up a nasty climb. It was at this point, maybe 10 minutes or so into the climb the annoying SatNav lady was sorely missed, as I was off course and need to go back down. Needless to say legs were not happy but I calmly raised my hand and said “stop this is not helpful” their mutters reseeding into whispers of TGV’s and how sports massages aren’t THAT bad after all. 
Now back on track however I was behind schedule for my appointment. Didn’t I say I was meeting Mark today. Mark has kindly said he’d meet up and cycle with me for a bit😁. 
Eventually I got there after a brief exchange of calls. 
Mark will never know what a sight for sore eye he was ... oh ... yes he will I’ve just written it down 🤦‍♂️
Some lunch and a great chat revealed some amazing coincidences. Apart the world being vast and France , especially rural France being huge, Mark was from the UK . Not only that, he retired from the police force a few years back ... me to.. Mark spent the last part of his service as a custody Sgt! ... really!! Me to!! Oh and his dad was in the forces .. yup you got it mine to .. utterly amazing 
We set off and my spirits and the weather were both significantly lifted. 

We were then joined by Mark’s mate Kieth and the afternoon was spent chatting and laughing. Mainly at Keith’s dislike of hills 😉😂

Another stop and drink 

Massive thanks to them both , Keith managed to get a picture of me cycling which was great as that’s not easy on your own. 

Brilliant day especially after a slow start. With just 10 miles left I waved goodbye to my new friend and headed on with new resolve .

Until tomorrow 😁🇬🇧🇫🇷


  1. Cheers to the beer, carb loading???And cakes... How hard can it be???? Well done Nic, your doing brilliantly x


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