Day 12 ... update

So today would have been the day I should have finished in Nice. Understandably it’s been on my mind a little.

Yesterday I traveled by train from Millau to Marseille . Saying goodbye to the exceptionally kind Magali who had let me recover at her home. 

The journey was ok, the rural train had a toilet... I’m not sure any of you would have wanted to use it however! But the two hour journey to Baziers (my change station) cost €1.00 yup €1.00 so can’t complain really. The next train to Marseille was delayed, from what I can gather it was something exceptional? We (me and the Trike) did eventually arrive in Marseille 

A small yacht waiting for me 

So today to take my mind off things I popped on the sightseeing bus . Two highlights for me were

Notre Dame de la Garde which was high on the hill overlooking Marseille. The outside was amazing but the inside was spectacular.

I sat in here for 45 mins just looking and being mesmerised. 

Outside it was literally hard to stand up there was a severe wind warning on my app showings winds of 42mph !!

There were loads of other amazing buildings on the route but the other that took my eye was the Mucem 
This place was a work of art as well as housing them
And links via a walkway to the old tower at the head of the harbour 

Although I was hoping on and off the bus I had walked a little bit and my knee was not awfully comfortable. I had thought for a brief second a few days ago of  making the attempt to cycle at least to the coast from Millau, today was a reminder that would not have been a great idea!! Well you got to tryūü§∑‍♂️
I was going to try and upload a video for the next bit and the main purpose of this blog but each time I try to do it ...well it gets just a bit too much emotionally for me so I hope this will be ok.

I just wanted to say thanks to you all. Well thanks gets used a lot and doesn’t really go anywhere near enough to express just how I feel about you all. Not just my family and friends who have been utterly amazing and supportive but the rest of you. People I met on the ride , people who I’ll never meet but still took the time to write and wish me well. It’s meant a lot and the fantastic money we’ve raised for Bowel Cancer, well over £2,000, with people still donating even though they knew I didn’t finish! But also the sponsors, ICE trikes for all their help and parts , Brittany Ferries for my tickets, reverse gear co and Le col for clothing, extreme eyewear for my glasses and especially Richard and village Gym at Portsmouth. 
And a huge thanks to France, what an incredible country full of incredible and generous people.  

So on reflection, although I didn’t quite complete what I set out to do, I learnt a lot. About myself, others and this beautiful country. 

Some passing words for now x 

 “The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.” 

“Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.” 

“It is very rare or almost impossible that an event can be negative from all points of view.” 


  1. Beautiful conclusion to a great blog and fabulous ride down through France. You should be immensely proud of yourself Nic for what you've achieved. There's always bext time mate. Come back stronger and smash it. You'll be dipping them 3 wheels in the Med before you know it!


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