Day 6 Lachapelle-Auzac 2 Entraygues-sur-Truyère

Day 6 yup halfway . Not sure on total miles etc as can’t upload to Strava but about 84 today. I’d turned the playlist off to avoid ELO predictions etc and just put Pink Floyd on shuffle ... ‘ Is there anybody out there’ as comfortably numb starts ... really! 
It was chilly but another beautiful river start and Le chateau.. yeah wasn’t sure if I’d see anymore 

Don’t get me wrong I like the fairytale ones but this on the river would be my choice.. never got to see the other side.... not much further and I glance over my shoulder

No wait this one hi on the hill.. got a better view as the road twisted down and back on itself ( I will look these up at some point and edit their names in 😁)

My new favourite. 
I was now on the big climb of the day. I’m not sure really how the legs are doing as whatever they had to say for themselves was being drowned out by the screaming my right knee was making. It is definitely not happy. I had to pull over. Pain relief onboard I hope that will help in a bit but for now I took to singing out loud to drown him out . So slowly up hill as just can’t put but up the hill I got into the prehistoric park 

House with a view anyone. Time for a PR stop
I’m being watched !! 

I was wondering where I could get a drink though? The problem is you see a name coming up and cycle through to discover nothing there or at least no shops/ cafe etc If I thought yesterday was hot today was blistering 25degrees by 10:30! 
Rocamadour... I wasn’t holding out much hope . Then there was blue parking signs .... I’ll let you check it out 

A coffee with a view !! My new favourite 
In the same place 

I trundled onwards there were lots of lovely churches to

I finally started going downhill but slowly. I end up following the river 

Knee still complaining but I was try to ignore it . 
Then I’m very pleased to say I had a guest .. Tim . 

Tim has kindly gone out of his way to drive to my destination and then cycled out 25-30 miles to turn round and ride back with me !! How kind was that. It definitely helped. We then saw even more amazing views along the river Lot 

Finally ending up at where I’m staying tonight. Having thanked Tim, with a beer 🍺 I made for my room . As you can see it’s not a bad spot !!
Oh my new favourite 😉

Right now an hour stretching , legs up in the air and rollering my tired legs. Wash some kit... it’s not all wonderful sights, although they help. Now let’s see if I 
Can find some ICE . 👍🇬🇧🇫🇷😁